Sing Your Praises with a Professional Appearing Bio

Our websites speak for us. With the shift towards remote work, your website is likely the first contact a potential client would have with you. Now, it is even more critical that you have a website that represents you. If you are limited in time and unable to devote a...
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1-2-3 Ways to Overcome Objections

Marketing challenges you to be prepared in promoting your business using numerous approaches. It is a matter of timing. You might have people immediately respond to a marketing campaign and contact you. Or it might be someone who has been receiving your promotional material for a while who reaches out....
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5 Steps Closer to Daily Self-Care

Library of EMPA Blog Photos 13The current issue of Energy Magazine has some wonderful articles about self-care from our insightful writers. From Carving Out Small Moments of Self-Care by Mari McCarthy to Winter Self-Care Tips from Robyn Youkillis, you can learn new ways to self-care and determine which ones would work best for you.

However, even before you begin assessing which self-care routine fits your lifestyle, you might first want to give thought to how to make a self-care routine a daily practice. The following five-step process is an effective way to place you on the path of self-care and permanently stay on it:

  1. Add joy into your life. Self-care is meant to satisfy your soul, and we each have something different that fulfills us and adds joy. Think about the things that bring joy into your life. Do you have a color that gladdens your heart or a little trinket that makes you smile? Whatever brings you joy, write down what is meaningful to you. Consider these happiness triggers and life’s pleasures you want to manifest for yourself.
  2. Make your happiness triggers a part of your daily life. For example, if you are calmed by the color blue, then think of ways to surround yourself with this color. If you love the scent of lavender, set up a diffuser in your home or office with the scent. The goal is to find something pleasurable to add into your life but make it effortless or else you won’t do it.
  3. Establish self-care goals. While experiencing simple pleasures is gratifying on its own, you also want to create self-care goals. Once you have selected a self-care routine to add into your daily life, next, you will want to create some goals for yourself. What do you hope to gain from the new routine? How often and when will you perform the routine? If a behavior adjustment is required as part of your new self-care regimen (for example, you want to minimize use of technology), it might take some adjustments and time until you reach a desired goal.
  4. Evaluate self-care after a week. Once you’ve established a new self-care routine, experience it for a week then assess how you feel. Do you think you’ve achieved any positive benefits? Do you think you can maintain the new practice for a while? Give yourself time to reflect, and if it makes sense to you, continue with it over the next month.
  5. Adjust your self-care behaviors as your needs change. What’s important to you as a daily or weekly routine can evolve and change over time.  As the term implies, self-care is about you. So, if at a certain point of time, you feel it is more a bother than a benefit to maintain a certain routine, then eliminate it. It could mean your needs have changed, and it’s time to find some other behavior that supports you.

Self-care shouldn’t be a chore, and if it is then maybe you haven’t found a routine that best suits you. Daily self-care is meant to rejuvenate and balance yourself. With it, you can have an inner sense of peace and calm to face the day ahead. For energy practitioners, self-care can heighten your self-awareness, enabling you to approach your work with greater gratitude, compassion, and authenticity. Let’s get started!

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What’s in a Name: Leverage Your Affiliations Marketing A Membership Badge

If you are a sole practitioner or an energy medicine group of practitioners, your name and reputation are among the most influential qualities of your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is likely your most effective marketing tool; nothing can be more powerful than someone we know providing us with an enthusiastic recommendation....
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Practice Development: Selling from the Heart

Don't you feel inspired when you are engaged in a heartfelt conversation? That inspiration leads to action, and it is this kind of response you want to spark when speaking with others about your practice. It is hard to resist someone when they sell from the heart. Have you ever...
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Grow a Dynamic Email List

Marketing your practice should be a dynamic process not a one-time does everything activity. For example, consider your mailing list. Are you doing anything to build up your list of clients and prospects on an ongoing basis? If you are not doing this now, then start developing ways to pull...
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Professionalizing Your Practice: HIPAA Email Disclaimer

Would you say that email communication is one of the primary ways that you “speak” to your clients? You are probably like many other healing professionals who use email since it is fast, easy, and most people have email accounts. If this is the case with you, then consider adding...
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3 Ways Mentioning Energy Psychology Research Can Help You – And Your Clients!

Next time you introduce yourself as an energy practitioner or are in a conversation with a new client, add to your credibility by referring to some research talking points. In a recent  ACEP article , author Sarah Murphy, LPC, writes research can position you as knowledgeable about the field, help...
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10-Step Marketing Checklist

Most business owners have small budgets for advertising and many energy practices depend on word-of-mouth and referrals as their primary means of advertising. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact referrals are the backbone of most businesses. However, a wise marketing strategy to follow is a multi-prong plan that...
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Boost Your Productivity with An Online Scheduler

The New Year is a great time  to start new habits to help you achieve personal and professional goals. If you've decided to become more organized and efficient in 2021, then consider adding an online scheduling tool to manage your business and personal commitments. How much time do you spend...
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