Befriending Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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  • Amelia Vogler
  • Jan/feb 2017

Blog pics woman entrepreneurWhen you enter into a contract to do healing work and hold space for a healing or holistic practice, there is a requirement that you attend to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions so that you can be a clear conduit for Spirit in and through your work. A familiar phrase for this activity is that we are committed to “our self-work.”

As healing or holistic practitioners, there is an undeniable intersection where our body, mind, spirit, giftedness and our practice overlap. Just as we are committed to “our selfwork,” there can be a commitment to “our practice-care”— the activities of nurture for our practice. In my intuitive healing and mentoring business, an important aspect of doing my “practice-care” is tapping into my entrepreneurial spirit and being open to what arrives through it.

I define an entrepreneur as an individual who creates tirelessly and creates without fear, based on the intrinsic knowing that what he or she is creating is an essential element for the betterment of the future. This individual sees a changed future and creates a way to support that change. From an energetic standpoint, the spirit of the entrepreneur (or the entrepreneurial spirit) is the alchemical exchange of energies between the “art that you are” and “the future that you are creating.”

For your “practice-care,” I would like to introduce you to some of the energies that create and unfold in your entrepreneurial spirit. Becoming aware of these energies allows you to affirm them in your own energy system and invite them to feed into the design of your sacred practice. Our inner entrepreneurial spirits operate (or operationalize) through the following specific universal energies: wonder, insight, fearlessness and creativity.

Wonder The energy of wonder (also known as awe or curiosity) allows us to bridge from a lower frequency of visioning (seeing what is) to a higher one (seeing what can be). Meditating or intentionally focusing on wonder connects us to “all possibility,” where at any given time, we are able to access energies of pre-conception: to the “idea of,” to the “possibility for.”

Especially for those of us in the healing arts, this “wonderfilled” energy is alive in our vital life force because we are dedicated to living our own process of awakening. In this dedication is an intrinsic link to the miracles that lie in the sea of infinite possibilities. When we are gifted by the energies of wonder, we are enlivened by possibility, by hope and by curiosity. From wonder, you create the opening and invitation for something new.

Insight Unlike the energy of wonder, which is expansive and opening, the energy of insight comes in as a strong, clarifying vibration. In my experience, this energy actually “thunders” in with crescendo and focus. Insight underlies all our choices; it is the energy that allows us to know what and how to move forward.

Insight usually arrives as a feeling of rightness and resonance, as a template or foundation for a new thought or idea, or a vision—a story, picture or knowing. Insight is the gift of intuitive direction, of knowing, of understanding.

Insight is not always just the “thing that is known,” but also an energy that holds the templates for what is coming. It comes with either the specific details or is the placeholder for you to continue to imagine what is to be created next. The entrepreneurial spirit gives you the gift of insight as the garden bed that allows your professional projects to take root and begin to grow.

Fearlessness The entrepreneur gets comfortable with the feelings of fear and the different methods of creating change. As something comes up or feels off, almost by default, your spirit begins to tap back into the energies of wonder and “all possibility” which provide an opportunity to ask for information about what is to come next. Fearlessness allows you to sit comfortably in change and fuels you to keep going without giving up. It also allows you to value the feelings of “off-ness” as a kind teacher. These feelings are equally as important as resonance.

Creativity When you affirm the energy of creativity, you can tap into the ability to birth and to make manifest. Creativity does not always result in a “thing” like a program, workshop, talk or a new method—creative change can also be internal. It might be an opening, a deepening or just as easily could be a shutting down of something that is no longer serving you or your business. Whatever the outcome, the creative energy within you reminds you that at some point, it will be time to surrender, release and move directly into the creative pull, launching into an act of birthing.

The beauty of the entrepreneurial spirit is that these energies together give you complete support in the process of deepening your self and in your practice.

Five Quick Steps to Working with Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

1. Connect to the Universal Energy outside your individual energy field.
2. Invite this energy to stream in and through the back
side* of your sixth chakra. This allows you bring the energy of “all possibility” into your system through your sixth chakra, opening you to additional new support.
3. Ask Spirit to begin to show you through a story, picture, words, feeling or knowing what and how this possibility can be created through you. (Depending on your sensitivities, you will get your messages in different forms.)
4. Open all the backside chakras by intent, and invite any and all new energy that is needed to support the manifestation of what is being created.
5. Ask Spirit to integrate the new energies that are needed for the manifestation and creation of this new possibility.

Energy Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

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