Meet our EMPA Heroes


At the beginning of this year many of you kindly participated in a survey to share your experiences with EMPA. We asked about your reasons for getting insurance, your biggest concerns that led to getting liability coverage, and how you felt insurance supported you as a practitioner. We have LOVED hearing all the wisdom that each of you has offered.

If you didn't get the chance to do the survey you still can by clicking on this link: My EMPA Experience. We always love hearing and learning from our members!

As a result of feedback from this survey Energy Medicine Professional Association is launching a social media campaign to help people understand why insurance is a crucial part of any professional practice. And, as many of you have told us, how being protected helps you gain peace of mind. We're using your words, and highlighting your practices, to share with those in our Facebook community.

Why your words? Because nobody knows what you do, and need, better than you. 

We hope in this process, you also get to know your fellow practitioners a little better. It's a time to say hi. A time to peek inside what other Energy Medicine Professionals are doing. A time to shower our members with praise for all the amazing healing and hope they are putting out in the world. A time to fill each other up with words of encouragement. A time to see the extent of just how far our community reaches and just how much it is positively changing the world - one person, one interaction, one practice, at a time.

We know that our EMPA Heroes are not limited to the people we are highlighting but it feels like a good place to start. As our community grows, we hope to have even more opportunities to highlight our extraordinary members.

Thank you for all you do!

With Gratitude,
Kelly and everybody at EMPA

Caring for Others — Caring for SELF