Self-Care: Engaging the Back Side of the Human Chakra System

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Blog pic backside 2aI would like to invite you to make contact with the back side of your chakras as another self-care tool. The back side of the chakras generally speak to us in symbols, colors, shapes and words. When working with the back side, we are asked to engage noncognitively through “feeling,” “sensing” and “seeing” what presents in the back side of the chakra itself. Many times the back side speaks to us in pictures, not always making sense to the cognitive mind. When we try to analyze it, we can hinder the process of allowing the back aspect to open and communicate with the front aspect. The cognitive mind wants to determine what is happening, what we are experiencing, what we are “sensing/seeing.” This may be what is needed in the front side of the chakras, as this mental processing may assist in shifting the energy of the front. However, the back side is less linear and we do not need to analyze or go on a processing journey. The back side is more about discovery and the unveiling of a “vision.” By making contact with this information, we are able to open ourselves to the highest potential of our human experience.

In developing the Back Chakra Activation Workshop, I determined that there is much we can do to support ourselves with this self-care technique.

First, I will invite you to find your quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Allow yourself to sit for 20-30 minutes as we begin to dialogue with the back aspect/side of the chakras. As I stated, the back chakras speak to us differently than the front side of the chakras. The front aspect is about “doing” and information is revealed about this life (the conscious aspect of self). The back aspect is about “being,” information about past and future lives (the unconscious aspect of self), and opening ourselves to our highest potential.

As you sit with no interruptions, bring all of your awareness to the back side of each of the seven major chakras. We will begin with the first (root) and make our way to the seventh (crown). As you tune into each chakra, it may present to you a shape, a symbol, a picture or possibly a color. Not all of the mentioned will appear—maybe only one, sometimes two and sometimes nothing will present. This is ok as well. Trust that the energy is supporting you. As you continue to work with the back aspect of the chakras and become more familiar with them, you may begin to experience images. Do not allow the mind to “tell” you, but let the chakra “speak.” Do not “think,” just allow whatever is ready to present be there. As you tune in, the picture of what you are “seeing/sensing/ imaging” may change rapidly or it may stay as is.

The key with the back aspect is not to figure out the image there, but rather to bring awareness to that image and allow for the back side to begin to open because you are holding sacred space for yourself. Holding sacred space invites the back aspect to begin to move energetically and begin to communicate at a deeper level with the front aspect. This allows the energy to begin to flow between the front and the back aspect more fluidly, supporting deeper opening and transformation. The unconscious aspect, which is held in the back side of the chakra, can then come to the conscious level of the front side and release energy that is ready to move without having to dig into the story of whatever is held in the back aspect.

Begin at the root chakra. The back side of the root is located in a deeper vibration beyond the physical. At the root chakra, you are welcome to place your palms facing the floor or away from the body at about the knees to support deeper contact. Travel up the body and make contact with the back aspect of each chakra. If your hand reaches your back, you may place it there. If not, remember, energy follows intention. By bringing all your awareness to the back side of a particular chakra through intention, you will be in contact.

Ask yourself (the back aspect of the chakra) what might be here—a color, a symbol, a shape or possibly a word? Remember, do not allow the mind to override, just allow the chakra to speak. Notice if you feel any energy moving in your hand—is it changing as you bring your awareness to the image that presents? When the energy feels as if it has shifted or you sense it is time to move on, do so. Many times it can take three to five minutes at each back side chakra as you deeply connect with that aspect to allow for the shifting of the energy. Use this time to be totally present to yourself.

Revisit each of the above questions at the remaining back side chakras. Tune into what presents at each— again, not trying to “figure out” anything, but being deeply present to self.

From the back of the root chakra, we move to the back of the sacral, then to the back of the solar plexus, next the back of the heart chakra, on to the back of the throat chakra and upward to the back of the brow chakra. Finally, end at the back aspect of the crown chakra which is located in the higher mind where we can access various dimensional realms. Placing your palm facing upward with the intention of making contact can support this back aspect.

Once you have moved through all seven chakras, notice if you feel different. Are things brighter, more harmonious? Do you feel more calm and grounded? Notice, you might have even had a physical release. Trust that the healing occurred, allow all aspects of the chakra system to continue to flow, and the energy to reset and update the chakra templates as needed.

When you have a sense that it is time to conclude this self-care of the back side of the chakras, allow yourself to reground to the earth plane, honoring yourself for the time you engaged in care of the self. Take a few deep breaths and when it feels right, continue with your day.

Originally published in Energy Magazine: Oct/Sept 2016

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