What do you choose to feel today?

choo2We have all experienced this at some point... you are rushing somewhere and get honked at, then the negative energy transfers to you and suddenly you are the angry individual getting annoyed by stoplight waits, traffic, and pretty much anything that that goes slightly awry.

This transference of energy can be so subconscious that we don’t even realize it has taken place. Like a domino effect, negativity sends our day into a downward spiral and we are agitated, exhausted, and completely frustrated by the end of it. 

You can’t stop someone else from being in a bad mood or dictate their actions while they are in one, but you CAN refuse to allow it to turn your mood upside down.

Recognizing that this can occur is the first step to improving your work days, family life, and any sort of personal or professional relationships. When you know it can happen, you can be conscientious enough to spot it as it’s happening and make a choice then and there to block it from your own energy.

As it occurs, reason in your head that although you sense and feel the negativity, it doesn’t belong to you and thus you do not have to allow it to affect your day and present state of mind. There are of course both assertive and passive ways to do this; if someone is being downright rude to you and you don’t appreciate the way they are speaking to you or acting toward you, feel confident in expressing that you are not okay with it and deserve to be spoken to politely. If it’s someone passing by in a car aggressively, allow that person to be upset and negative while you continue on about your business, refusing to allow it to affect you. 

Observation of these instances and communication about them — whether with yourself or the negative individual — will aid you greatly in keeping yourself in a positive state of mind. You can also practice meditation, grounding, and chakra/energy clearing to ward off and get rid of the negativity that is trying to slip in. 

We choose our state of mind. You can choose to have a good day or you can choose to be upset and have a bad day. Of course you can't have perfect days all the time, and sometimes, it's very difficult to choose to be happy. For instance, it is perfectly normal to be in a poor mood on occasion when something bothers you, whether it be as horrible as a loved one dying or as simple as being grumpy because you are sleep deprived. There is nothing wrong with having bad moods on occasion, but when you can fend them off, especially when someone else's mood is the cause — allow yourself to move past it.

The key point is trying to avoid living in negativity and despair, especially over minor troubles, as it only begets more. Even in your down times practice things like self-care, relaxation techniques, meditation, and chakra clearing, and try to incorporate positive things in your day — laughing at funny photos online, meeting up with a friend, treating yourself to ice cream if it brings you joy — and allow happiness to come into your life where it can.

We can’t prevent bad things from happening or negative people from having bad energy and not caring who they share it with. But we can make a conscious choice to take care of ourselves and let the bad energy stay outside of us. 

What do you choose to feel today? 

With Gratitude,

The EMPA Team

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