Your Desire for Money is Good

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  • Marilee Tolen
  • Aug/Sept 2009

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What do you think of when you think of money?

For most people their immediate thought is “I wish I had more”.

Then there are thoughts about the money they don’t have and the things they don’t have because they don’t have enough money. Usually there is substantiation as to why there is not enough, for example “My job only pays me___,” “I couldn’t do______.”

The focus is on lack and limitation. Today, in our current economic climate, this thinking is everywhere.

As Healing Touch Practitioners who work with energy, we know that “energy follows thought” and, when we focus energy, there is more energy directed to that point of focus.

Knowing this, doesn’t it make perfect sense NOT to entertain thoughts about not having enough money? Absolutely!

We should focus on what we have, and more importantly, what we want!

According to Abraham, a non-physical consciousness channeled by Esther Hicks (writings can be found at, if we want to increase our wealth and abundance, it is good to allow ourselves to feel the desire of what we want and allow the Law of Attraction to bring it to us.

I have to admit, for a long time, even while working with Prosperity Consciousness, I held myself back from “wanting” and “desiring.” Somewhere along the way I got messages that our “wanting something” puts it in the future and keeps it there -  that we should claim it as if it is ours in the present. But there was always that little conflict inside – the part that says “Hey, I know that’s not true!”

So where do we go with that? Abraham says – just DESIRE.  Let yourself feel the desire for what you want and, with faith and belief, it will be brought to you. 

We allow ourselves to feel the desire for wellness and healing all the time, don’t we? But we are more hesitant feeling desire for more money or material goods, right?

Begin to allow yourself to feel the desire for more money, more of whatever you want in your life. Then put it in greater hands than yours. Allow the Law of Attraction to respond to your desire – and fill your life with MORE!

A note from Cynthia Hutchison: Think about why you want or need more money. Most of us in energy medicine in the healing arts, especially energy medicine, are actively engaged in some sort of spiritual practice which includes a moral component in our life related to sharing our abundance - doing no harm to others - having a desire to serve - being good stewards of the money, property and material possessions that we do have. Therefore, the desires most healing arts practitioners have about money also fit within a model of moral and ethical behavior regarding how they would use more money. Money that comes to a moral person will be used in a moral way.

Originally published in Energy Magazine: Aug/Sept 2009

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