3 Ways Mentioning Energy Psychology Research Can Help You – And Your Clients!

Library of EMPA Blog Photos 8Next time you introduce yourself as an energy practitioner or are in a conversation with a new client, add to your credibility by referring to some research talking points. In a recent ACEP article, author Sarah Murphy, LPC, writes research can position you as knowledgeable about the field, help clients to follow energy medicine protocol, and assist in lowering the barrier to entry. Murphy points out that clients appreciate knowing some of the science of energy medicine and this knowledge can help to build rapport with their practitioner. 

The article even includes information that you can use today:

  • 200+ articles published in peer-reviewed journals, including

  • 115 studies; of those,

  • 99% document efficacy for energy psychology, including

  • 12 systematic reviews and

  • 5 meta-analyses

  • The article also provides opportunities for more in-depth information by linking several studies on Emotional Freedom Techniques for readers to access including:

  • fMRI(functional magnetic resonance imaging) study found that EFT facilitated structural changes in the limbic system and a decrease in food cravings corresponding to the brain changes.

  • Micro RNA was downregulated following EFT. Micro RNA plays a role in gene expression and may be factors in depression.

  • EFT changed a host of physiological markers salivary immunoglobulin-A (related to immune function), cortisol, resting heart rate, and blood pressure.

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