10-Step Marketing Checklist

Library of EMPA Blog Photos 7Most business owners have small budgets for advertising and many energy practices depend on word-of-mouth and referrals as their primary means of advertising. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact referrals are the backbone of most businesses. However, a wise marketing strategy to follow is a multi-prong plan that incorporates a combination of tactics to help build up a pipeline of client prospects.

To help you with your efforts, here’s a practical 10-step action plan to get you started toward creating an advertising program coupled with a marketing program that will reveal your true passion while helping people get the information they need to change their health and their lives! 

Choose Your Specific Audience – Think "Law of Attraction" here, but be sure it’s authentically you and not someone else's idea or someone you admire, just your energy resonating to attract your audience. What we recommend is that you really try to think about the needs of those with whom you work.  If you are a generalist, is there something that sets your clients apart? Is it a specific type of Spiritual thought or perhaps a message of a very strong thought leader, such as Brene Brown, PhD?  Sometimes these can help you understand the qualities of the individuals whom you support.

Choose Your Specific Problem to Solve – What is your best technique, skill, unique gift or ability that you can use at the center of your work? What is your signature problem solved, like a Pregnancy Massage Specialist, Elderly Care Specialist, or Energy Healing Therapist for Veterans. Think about the big brands, Starbuck’s signature is their coffee but they sell lots of other products; Apple obviously sells computers but sells lots of other products now. It’s the signature product that people think of first.

Write the Clear Problem You Fix, Write the Solution to the Problem - How do you resolve this problem. What tools, techniques, special abilities can you pass on to customers to make it easier for them to achieve the results they are seeking?

Compelling Story – Almost all practitioners are in this profession because they have a compelling story of their own. Dig deep, think about your experience on this planet and write what makes you different based on your life. Your life experience sets you apart and helps you to be relatable all at the same time.

Create Connections – Network with your audience, other practitioners, learn how to work your particular community in authentic ways.  You might also think of where you volunteer or the clients with whom you are currently working. Using these connections can be really effective in your advertising and marketing. Shift your experience into stories or testimonials that you can use in your marketing.

Create a Catchy Title – Make sure the title explains your signature program “Simple Elderly Care";  “Energy Medicine Blueprint"; “Discover How Your DNA Speaks." Simple, clear and easy to remember titles so your future clients don’t have to read a tag line to figure out what you are offering. We live in information overload - it has to be simple, concise and real to capture people’s attention in an email or Facebook ad.

Brainstorm and Choose 3 Main Points - When you get the idea for your signature program, think about the top three promises or points that you are making in your care. The clearer you can be about the intended promises of your program, the more effective it will be when you launch your system. Remind your potential clients how your system solves their problem and how you do it.

Write Content for the Main Points – You don’t have be to a great copywriter to do this - just think like your client!  What are they looking for? What did you look for when you were seeking answers?  This is how you write emails, ads and posts. You are building a relationship with your tribe by providing free educational resources, talking about what they are interested in, not what you do, how you do it, or how many credentials you have. They don’t care! They just want to know you produce results and other people have been the recipient of those results!

Write Your Script – Make it easy and simple, this takes some practice initially, especially if you are uncomfortable in front of a camera, but think about talking to your neighbor or a friend because that’s what you do when you work one-on-one with clients. Visualize your one “Avatar” client and focus on having a conversation about your offer with them, then write it out.

Re-Purpose Your Script into other Marketing -Think about all of the places where you can use the message of your practice. Some of these include:Online Video Series, Email Courses, Tele-classes, Webinars,  Free Reports, Interviews, Articles, and E-books. Think about your skill sets and expand your script, or your message, into those deliverables where your expertise is most aligned; if writing is a skill you possess, put it in an e-book or free reports. If you are better at talking, do a video series or podcast interviews. Work to your strengths and extend your messaging to have a larger group of deliverables.

Distribute marketing – Speaking Engagements, Joint Venture Partner Relationships, Self-Hosted Intro-Workshops. If you are an introvert, you may have to work at your public persona to feel comfortable sharing your work.  To do that, tap into your passion, or that which lights you up so much in your work that you don’t think about being scared or nervous. What activates your spirit where creativity flows and passion pours out. When you find that you are working from your passion, then the information that you are providing is so strongly fed by your heart energy that your future clients will get to know who you are immediately and a rapport will be created. This passion is felt and understood both in your written and spoken marketing.  

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