Boost Your Productivity with An Online Scheduler

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The New Year is a great time to start new habits to help you achieve personal and professional goals. If you've decided to become more organized and efficient in 2021, then consider adding an online scheduling tool to manage your business and personal commitments.

How much time do you spend juggling and revising appointment times with your clients? Many times if you schedule by phone or e-mail, it requires a tremendous amount of time to actually book the appointment. This is because much of your time is spent responding and trying to find the perfect time. If you are spending more than one hour scheduling your clients per week, especially if you are part-time, we would encourage you to think about moving to an automated system.   

There are online scheduling technologies out there that are affordable and easy to use and many of them synchronize with common desktop and phone calendars so that your records can be kept straight.

In fact, many automated systems provide clients with a way for them to modify and cancel sessions on their own. This can provide you layers of customization so that you can choose what times you work and modify these as needed.

Features some programs offer can:

  • customize when clients can modify or schedule with you
  • utilize options allowing you to add and block personal appointments
  • send reminders by text and email to your client automatically to help reduce the number of no-shows due to forgetfulness

The linked article, The 8 Best Online Meeting Scheduler and Tools, compares the top 16 Scheduling tools for you to evaluate. This can be useful to help you identify which of the automated tools will best support your needs. 

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