Benefits to Joining a Professional Association (and in Particular, EMPA!)


Most job fields have some sort of professional associations for workers, employers, and students to link up and support each other. Why should the field of Energy Medicine be any different? Here are 5 ways joining the Energy Medicine Professional Association will be majorly beneficial to you and your practice. 


Some say it's not who you know, but what you know. I like to think it's a lot of both, but in either case, it certainly doesn't hurt to converse with and build relationships with like-minded individuals in the same or similar career as you. There is no better way to get your foot in the door than by allowing others to see your work and value, and sharing with them your potential. You might be quite content and safe where you are currently in your career or on your education path, but what about 12 months down the road? What if you want to improve upon your skillset with a champion in the field? Could you learn more about your own practice by interviewing someone else in the same area of interest? Networking is an invaluable tool, especially in a field that often exhibits a lot of self-supporting "solo" roles. You're not just joining an association — you are joining a team of like-minded, driven individuals like yourself — one that creates a longer list of opportunities for you. Joining a professional association is opening a doorway to many other doorways, and allowing your foot to get in the right one.

2. Sharing Ideas and Learning New Onesb2ap3 thumbnail shutterstock 60873358 20180613 032231 1

In joining a professional association, you are entering a space where sharing ideas, thoughts, and insights is not only the norm, but also highly appreciated amongst your peers. This is a place of communication and collaboration, where you can feel safe to talk about the field you're interested in with others who are interested in the same scope of work.

EMPA also details the latest and greatest in Energy Medicine news, which is a limitlessly beneficial resource to those actually working in the field. You can learn about new ideas, new technologies, updates and changes in legal matters or professional standing in the field of medicine, and so much more. You can also learn how to take care of yourself as an Energy Medicine Practitioner — an essential piece in maintaining a practice in a healthy manner.

3. Tips, Tools, and Career Development

We've talked about the tips and tools that you might gain from networking and sharing ideas with others in the field, but you can also keep yourself up-to-date with the latest available trainings online and upcoming conferences offered by our sister community HTPA. There is no greater disadvantage to being a practitioner than not being up-to-speed with everyone else around you who is offering similar services. You want to pose yourself as a valuable, accredited practitioner and doing so requires that you are knowledgeable and skilled in your area of study. EMPA offers online trainings as well, which you can learn more about on their Practitioner Growth and Development page. After all, there's no harm in adding to your resume!

4. Did We Mention We Offer Insurance?

b2ap3 small shutterstock 1036528903 20180613 042219 1If you aren't insured, you're probably not as protected as you should be. EMPA insurance coverage isn't for one specific modality — it offers coverage for a heap of modalities, ranging from Subtle Energy Work, Verbal Modalities, Bodywork, Movement Therapy, Subtle Energy of the Senses, to Assessment methods. To see the full list, click here. Having insurance available for such modalities is a newer benefit for Energy Medicine Practitioners, and one that you should take advantage of. Don't miss out on such a unique, highly-advantageous opportunity of affordable insurance for your practice.

5. Let Them Know We Are Here to Stay!

Practitioners in the Energy Medicine field have been fighting for decades if not centuries for credibility in the world of health and medicine. Little by little, we gain awareness and credibility — and thus traction — in the movement towards establishing Energy Medicine (and the practitioners involved in it) as the real deal. By having a growing team of students and practitioners in the field and in our Energy Medicine Professional Association, we are proving that we are professionals and deserve to have the same rights that all other professionals have. We are worthy of a professional association. We are worthy of insurance. We are worthy of RECOGNITION. We aren't going anywhere.


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