Getting the Most Out of Your EMPA experience - Highlighting both our new EMPA Members Group and an open access Facebook Practitioner Directory


We love the energy of a good groupA group that supports each other. A group that seeks to heal and educate. A group that brings each other up. A group that forages new paths. At EMPA we have that group - Our Members.

As a professional association our goal is to help our members connect and grow. To network both formally amongst our member sites and informally amongst all in the Energy Medicine Community. Here are some new developments we are creating for Energy Healers to do just that. 

New EMPA Members-Only Facebook Group 

First here is a formal EMPA sponsored networking opportunity - if you are a member and get insurance through EMPA we have created a members-only Facebook group. Here members can discuss anything relevant to Energy Medicine, being a Practitioner, and managing a related business. We welcome you to share your struggles and your victories surrounding the practices you have built or are currently building.  We encourage you to post useful resources and industry news, and to ask for peer feedback. It will operate as the official EMPA Forum. Our goal is to create a member driven discussion space, so the more you interact the more it grows, the more it grows the more helpful it becomes. 

If you are a Member of EMPA and you are not in this facebook group, you can request to join HERE. Once we verify your enrollment you will be added. If you are not an EMPA Member yet, it's not too late to join EMPA today.

Practitioner Directory on the Energy Medicine Professional Insurance Facebook page

Second here is an informal opportunity to network for ALL people who are on the Energy Medicine Professional Insurance Facebook page. You do not need to be an EMPA member to utilize this service. This is an informal sharing opportunity open to everyone on the Energy Medicine Professional Association page. This means this is not limited to the US, therefore everyone in the Energy Medicine community worldwide can connect.

How it works:

We'll be utilizing the album section of our Facebook page (under the photo section). Here we will post an album dedicated to a Practitioner Directory by Modality Type. Each picture listed will be a category, and you simply post your information in the comments underneath it.  There are further instructions in the albums themselves, as well as two types of sample listings. While it's relatively self-explanatory, different Facebook features can all muddle together or be hidden completely - if you need further instructions feel free to ask.

While this directory is divided by modality type, we are working on bringing you a similar but discrete directory that will be grouped by Location. This is currently under construction but be sure to check back in with us in a month or two for its release.

As always, feel free to give us constructive feedback on this project. As we're trying to expand the opportunities available to our clients, we sometimes need to test run an approach and grow where we can. In order to maximize it's usefulness, we'll take all feedback into consideration before releasing the Location-based directory.

Finally while we are limited by the constraints of what is possible on a Facebook page, our website hosts an official EMPA Member directory. It is a wonderful tool to share and to access practitioner information all in one convenient place. Practitioner listings are only available to current EMPA Members but anyone can access the provided content. Find it HERE.

​With gratitude,

Kelly and the EMPA team

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