Remote Practice: Checklist Don'ts

EMPA Blog Clasped HandsWhile a separate room for energy healing works best, creating a specific place in your home for your energy sessions works just as well. You do want to ensure uninterrupted time for remote sessions, so to optimize energy healing, here are some Don’ts to consider:

Don’t forget technology. You will always want to make sure that your computer set up and online connection are working properly. Get into the habit of checking your technology daily and don’t wait until the last minute to log onto your computer. Have a back up plan if you are unable to connect.

Don’t rush yourself or the client. Prepare yourself and your client for each session.  Suggest they allow sometime prior to the healing to focus on what it is they want to bring to the session, and what they would like to work on. Encourage the client to receive from you. Ask them to keep an open mind.

Don’t allow distractions. Remind your client to find a quiet place to sit or lie down for the session. Remove distractions that could interrupt the flow of session. Having a distraction-free setting is ideal.

Don’t have expectations. While you will prepare the client about distance healing work, a client’s experience is unique. Some might respond fairly quickly to the healing process and others might need a few sessions before transformation takes place.

Of course, practice common sense and sound logic when conducting energy medicine sessions. While you will be well prepared and mindful of safety precautions, don’t expect your client to exercise similar sound judgment. Make sure your client is situated in safe surroundings and prepared for an energy medicine session. Before you begin your session, have your client confirm they are not in their car or in a public place. If this is the case, then reschedule the appointment for another time when privacy and safety prevail. Make sure at the end of your session that your client is grounded and present so that they can safely go about their day.

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