Remote Practice: Your 5-Step Checklist

Blog pic dosPreparing for a remote session does not require a unique routine as part of your preparation. While it is not unlike the steps you take for an onsite session, you might at first want to apply a level of intentionality that is more focused with a remote client. Reviewing our list of Do’s and Don’ts might be helpful as a mental kickstart for you.

Once you’ve settled into the quiet space you use, let your mind think though the following steps:

Start with Yourself. Playing upon “physician heal thyself,” you will want to conduct a self-assessment to ensure your spirit, body, and mind are ready. To summon healing energy, you need to be in a calm, soothed, and collected state.

Physical Preparation. Many practitioners include a cleansing routine prior to balancing themselves mentally. If this is an important step for you, then include time to wash your hands and prepare the room by lighting candles or insense. Perhaps this is your time for a blessing or spiritual summoning.

Visualization. Before you actually “go online” with your client, visualize them. Invite their energy to come to you. You could visualize holding their energy within your hands or focus on an object that represents the client.

Intention. Your intention is to use your gift as a healing energy for your client. As you visualize the client, state your intent to help in a way that aligns with the recipient’s life path.

Keep Your Focus. Assure yourself that you might not immediately feel a shift in your client’s healing journey. Respect the uniqueness within each person and over time, the transformative power of healing will manifest to you.

Remote Practice: Checklist Don'ts
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